The Commission Guidelines on Single-Use Plastic Products

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On 31 May, the Commission published the long-awaited “Commission guidelines on single-use plastic products in accordance with Directive (EU) 2019/904 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

The SUP Directive

Directive (EU) 2019/904 on single-use plastics was adopted in June 2019 with the aim to prevent and reduce the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, in particular the aquatic environment, and on human health, as well as to promote the transition to a circular economy with innovative and sustainable business models, products and materials.

The Directive should be transposed into national law and applied as of 3 July 2021.

The Single-Use Plastic Products Commission Guidelines

The Guidelines on single-use plastic rules will facilitate a correct and harmonized application of the key parts of the Directive, in particular, on the definition of plastic, of single-use plastic products made wholly or partly of plastic, and the different items covered by the Directive.

This document provides guidance on the interpretation and implementation of Directive (EU) 2019/904 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (“the Single-use plastics Directive”). This document provides guidance on key definitions of the Directive and examples of products to be considered as falling within or outside its scope.

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